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Please Read this important information for Mandon Lake home owners regarding Mandon  Lake Governance.

Lake Treatment
On June 15th, Mandon Lake was treated in order to control weeds, and notices were posted around the lake.  Unusual dates on the notice regarding lake usage restrictions prompted some questions to the vendor that applied the treatment.
Their response was:
  1. The Renovate was used to better control the milfoil. This will help eliminate the plant, Reward only controls it for a short time...This was the best choice, however we can continue as we have in the past using Reward only....however the milfoil is increasing in the lake every year now.
  2. The irrigation restriction is to ensure no claims can occur.
  3. We could run water tests in 10 days. the results would be the restrictions are no longer in effect.
  4. It will not effect grass
  5. Again on the shoreline where the irrigation in takes are located only Reward was used
  6. Renovate was applied in a localized area in front of the area by the beach and boat launch area in areas of heavy milfoil growth. I do not believe people would swim where I applied it yesterday.
  7. Liquid herbicide sinks and is rapidly absorbed by the plants
  8. The concentration decreases so quickly, that is the reason it is only a one day swimming restriction

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